Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Gurgaon Shopping Malls Grievances Blog

It's a part of life to have the both positive and negatives existing at the same place, be it a person, a thing or a place.

Grievances exist along with the praises when excellent services are in question. We believe grievances are something that crop up due to confusions and unawareness than intention. After all everyone is here to do good business and make profits, something that can never be achieved without the co-operation of others.

Malls, stores, showrooms and restaurants depend completely upon the visitors who visit them. They are very much conscious about the presentation, services, and behaviors as they know quite well that the least that they would receive is a word of mouth and the most is a returning visitor who gets them good business.

We have received quite a few complaints in past and have forwarded it to the concerned parties. The maximum time period we have waited is just a week before someone has got back to us from the authority to clarify and in some cases even to apologize to the customer.

As business person or as a frequent mall visitor you might have come across situations that gave you an unpleasant experience. We propose you share your thoughts about that with us in this Gurgaon Shopping Malls Grievances Zone. If you have complaints, don’t keep it to yourself, voice it out loud to us and we would send it to the concerned parties. As mentioned above, our experience has been that the parties do hear and respond fast.

Please note that the comments that send to us are moderated and not manipulated keeping the business interests of the houses in mind. Allow us few hours to make us show your comment on the blogs.

Happy shopping :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

I would like to bring to your notice that while entering DLF DT mall today we were highly misbehaved by the security guards.They let somebody enter before us although we were ahead in the queue resulting in a chaotic situation. on asking he said he was their manager (who came in an ALTO) and that he had let him in breaking all rules and regulations because he was being paid by the manager and not paid by us so he was not ready to oblige us. This kind of deregotary language is highly objectionable and we condemn it.In service industry,customers should be treated with utmost respect. The name of the guard on duty was Ashok Kumar. Please take this issue up at the earliest. The service provider should keep in mind that whoever is appointed by the business organisation(in this case mall) is a public servant.

I would also write to the consumer's court for this treatment metted to us by the mall authority.

I have always kept DT mall in high regards. please help us maintain that.

Best Regards,

Megha said...

Parking is a chaos, restaurants might be good however the food courts are a real rush for life.

Vikas Chablani said...

Golden Dragon: LG 24, DLF Mega Mall, Gurgaon. Ph: 5058000
I went there today (14 feb) with my wife.
I ordered Crab.
My wife ordered veg meal.

Crab meal was horrifying.

The cook do not now simple thing that how to cut a crab.
I have eaten crab n number of time at different places in Delhi and in Bombay.
There is a way to cut crab so that the shell pieces do not come in your mouth when we eat or are minimal.

Here I spent actually 1 hr eating 1/2 of it, then finally decided to get it pack, as I had to reach my office also.
Now worth spending 900Rs for meal that you are not able to finish also. I complained to manager, but he was too busy saying sorry that he was not paying attention to what exactly I am saying.
Don’t know if I have to visit hospital if I eat some of the shell.
They should learn from somewhere how to cut crab properly.

Vikas Chablani

Anonymous said...

I am a DLF Phase 1 resident and am working with Mckinsey. I wanted to provide some feedback about the food court service in Metropolitan Mall based on my last experience. The service there (on my visit there in may) was very disappointng by all the Asian WOK Express outlets. I ordered for some Thai non veg dish and was served a veg dish by them in return. On complaining about it, the response in return was all the more rude and distressing. On the very same day, on Chinese WOK, the same thing happened. This has made me quit my visit to this food court.

Hoping you would take some action and make the workers and managers there, more customer orinted rather than being just revenue oriented..


Anonymous said...


i dont know if this is a complaint or not. I know it could be an issue but its very embarassing and disgusting at the end. This is about Spencer's Hyper Gurgaon.

there was a sunday when i was shopping there with my father. He had never been to a place like this before so i thought it would be a good idea to give him a nice exprience in a store like this. He has recently shifted to Gurgaon as a technical head in one of DLF units. I myself have seen establishments like this before during my foriegn tours.

So what happened might be your question. Well, i liked the area where the geen vegitables were sold and thought it would be a good idea to share the pic with my mom. As a general rule I know it was wrong thing to do but since ididnt see any message about mobile phones so i thought it would be al right. The moment the pic was clicked. A well grommed and uniformed looking very tough gentelman simply rushed at me and as if he was firing the words "Excuse me may I ask you why you are taking the photograph in my store?" I was shocked and surprised at the tone and the body language. I replied "well, just like that, i dnt have a problem if you want me to delete it", "Well, please do, as an standard we do not allow photography in our store."

I had guessed thta right but then I thought to my self thta this was not right. I was anyway ready to do it, was taking pic of only the vegitables and worst part was the tone body language and the screaming and insulting voice that came to me.

The name of the guy I asked later on was Saurabh, he conveyed to me that he was the Head of Operations at Spenser's hyper Gurgaon.

There is a very basic rule of customer service and that is a "smile". There was another way through which the same message could have been conveyed to me. And it is done that way in other places. If you are the head of perations you must remember that you are not speaking to your employees but to a customer who has a reach out there and has seen the world. And where is the message on borad if you talk to me about standards.

I seriously what can a operation manager guide his subordinates to if he does not know that he should wear a smile all the time. I would doubt my thought of visiting that place again and would convey the same to my office folks. And why not we have better choices and more coming up. Big bazaar and SRS for instance. Retail is doing great here in Gurgaon but the basics for customer service is still at its infant stage

Anonymous said...

Gurgaon is our city we should accept it and just hope that the services will improve a lot in near future.

Anonymous said...

Missing basic infrastructure for babies, All the malls in Gurgaon dont seem to have the basic infrastructure, i.e. babies room. where a baby could be given feeding.
What I saw on my last visit to india is that, Mothers are forced to feed their babies in public, or in their cars, why cant the Mall's provide such area, where you provide privacy, hot/cold water, diaper changing platform.
Its not fun goin to Malls with babies without infrastructure.
I hope the authorities would look into this.

Anonymous said...


This is Sudha, I had left my stuff in Shoppers Stop by mistake one day and reached home.

I could not find their contact number anywhere. Not on their website and surprisingly not even on my First Citizen card. This is really strange.

I then tried to contact their corporate office. Some lady picked up the call, the moment I said Gurgaon Store number she very rudely responded, without saying anything connected me to Mumbai Security from where I finally got the number.

The only option we have is to check their invoice, I guess there would be some number. Is it something strategic. but strange experience.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,

I would like to bring to your notice that a peculiar type of fraud by the Security Staff is going on in AMBIENCE MALL, Gurgaon. I visited the mall for the fisrt time on 7th May'09 evening alongwith my wife & doughter. At the entrance, there was a stiff security check because of which the vehicles were moving very slowly. At the first check, doors of all vehicles were opened and inside thoroughly checked, then the bottom of the cars were checked by putting mirror below the car. There was absolutely no scope of driving the car fast due to the elaborate checking and long que of cars ahead. I wanted to go to Big Bazar inside Ambience Mall. I asked its location from a security guard near gate no. 2 . He directed me to enter through gate no.3. As I was moving forward ( ofcourse very slowly due to long que of cars )I was stopped in between gate no. 2 & 3 by another security guard who told me to pull the vehicle on one side as he had received a message in his wakie-talkie that car no. 7083(registration no. of my car )has injured a security guard at the entrace as the car was moving at high speed. I was taken aback as as there was absolutly no scope of moving fast and my car did not touch anybody. Gradually a number of Security Guards joined. I told them to call the guard who was injured, but he never came to the spot. It started gettind dark by then. In that bad day light, one of the guards told that it was a white car which did the injury. In fact this gurad could not make out that the colour of my car was Pearl Grey due to bad day light and thinking it was white, he just said the car was white coloured. When I told that my car was not white coloured, he said that it was bearing a Haryana registration number. Here also he made the mistake as my car is bearing a Delhi No. When they found that they were cought on a wrong foot by telling wrong colour and wrong State of registration, they let me go.

I just want to bring to your notice that had it been a broad day light they would have mentioned the correct colour of my car and would have demanded money from me to let me go. This is just a tactics to blame somebody and take money from him. They must be doing so with many persons. They would be looking at soft targets like a person moving with family so that the person does not raise much hue and cry.
I have decided not to go to Ambience Mall any more and am telling everyone I know about the incident so that they either stop going to this mall or be ready for such unnecessary harassment.

I would request the Management of Ambience Mall to take a firm action on the Security agency inorder to stop harassment to the visitors, else gradually people will stop going to this mall.



Ajayash Goyal said...

Dear Sir,
I had obtained a cup of coffee from Mcdonalds at the Food Court, yesterday afternoon, and the Security Guard would not let me take the coffee to my wife and friend who were in the Food Court.

I tried to tell him that he could not expect me to sit all by myself... what is the purpose of a Food disgust I threw the coffee tray on the ground to register my objection to the Malls\' \"stupid policies\". The Manager was no helpful either... I feel if you have a Food Court it should be open to all visitors in the Mall and not segregate the areas, and expect the customers to know exactly what is where... as the advanctages of a mall, where multiple stores are, are eliminated... as for me and my friends..

it is goodbye to Ambience Mall... (I am sorry that you have to suffer because of one vendors stupid policies)....

and hope many others will follow this if you do not change your policies... If your vendors have a problem with one another.... YOU should resolve this and not inconenience or expect the customers to solve YOUR problems... Go and look at other Malls... open your eyes...!!!!

gaurav said...

Hi All,

My name is Gaurav Rajpurohit and i work as senior business analyst in a reputed research company. Being most convenient, i visit MGF mall quite often and being a non fussy i dont generally bothered until someone poke nose in my way. Recently when i was returning after watching a late night show, had a brawl with the gaurds collecting the parking tickit and cash over charging some extra bucks. Mind my language but they were rude, dumb and disgusting. Anyway i left place knowing but still paying some extra bucks coz machine at the parking lot was not working and time was wrongly handwritten by the man staffed there. Few days back again i saw 3 kids fighting over the same issue, they were even saying that it has happen to them b4 as well. I think gaurds were doing it make some extra money and they smarlty do it in the night when no senior is not around. Dont know whether u read these mails or not but this is really disturbing not only because they fools us for some bucks but also bcoz they kill d joy the sole reason we went to mall for.